Things To Consider When Moving To Apartments Columbus With A Pet

When looking at apartments Columbus, you need to understand how your landlord feels about pets and how your pet will enjoy living in your selected unit. Of course, it’s also worth glancing over this information if you plan on getting a pet sometime in the near future. Below, we will touch upon some of the most important things to consider when moving with a pet:

Check Rules Before Signing A Lease

Many apartments will have restrictions on the breed and weight of your pet. This is information that you should always know before going ahead and signing a lease. As a rule of thumb, most apartments accept cats or dogs weighing a maximum of 40 pounds. In the off chance that your pet doesn’t meet the requirements, try negotiating with the landlord as some may be open to it.

Expect To Pay A Deposit

When calculating your moving expenses, you also need to factor in the cost of a pet deposit. All apartments will require you to pay a deposit for your pet in case your furry friend causes any damage to the unit during your stay. It’s also worth noting that many apartments will also charge a monthly rent for your pet as well, so this is something to keep in mind completely when setting your budget.

Explore The Space

Meanwhile, your apartment may be perfect for you, you also need to think about the apartment from your pet’s point of view. If there’s hardwood flooring, you will need to actively purchase protective area rugs to prevent your pet from leaving scratches behind. You will need to factor in the cost of a litter box as well as a crate in case you need to leave your pet home alone while you’re at work.

Know About “Business” Locations

Your pet will need to do their business at some point, but you need to understand the apartment’s policy on animal waste. Are you allowed to walk your dog in the neighborhood, and what is the accepted method of waste disposal? These are all questions that will directly need to be asked and discussed with your potential landlord.

Are there dog walking areas in your complex? Some apartments Columbus have designated dog walking areas where you can allow your pet to go to the bathroom, but make sure to keep trash bags and a scoop handy! You’re always responsible for cleaning up after your pet. If the apartment complex doesn’t have a dog walk, is there a park nearby where you can take your pet?

Finding an apartment complex that’s pet-friendly and affordable at the same time can be challenging for anyone! Of course, you can’t just leave your furry friend behind, which is why you need to explore all of your options before signing your lease. Knowing that the apartment allows pets and there’s a place where you can walk your dog will make transitioning to your new home a great deal easier. Don’t forget to plan for the future as well if you hope to adopt a pet.